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About Us

Yunirisk has been managing industrial waste for over a decade now. By using MID-MIX® patented technology, we are able to treat various types of hazardous industrial wastes by converting them into a new, for people and the environment harmless material which has reuse value, that we named Neutral.

MID-MIX® technology is accepted and patented in EU, where it’s applied with great success. We are a natural and reliable partner to every industry which at the end of its cycle, among other things, generates hazardous industrial waste. We are proud of our work so far and on the long list of clients and partners.

Our History

  • 1995

    Year of establishment

    Company Yunirisk was founded in 1995 as a Limited Liability Company in 100% private ownership. In the beginning, we offered services of consulting and engineering in the field of environmental protection.

  • 2006

    first mobile plant

    During 2006 we have built our first mobile plant for inertisation of hazardous wastes using MID-MIX® technology in Tarkett's factory circle in Bačka Palanka.

  • 2008

    Center for recycling of waste oil emulsions and oily wastes

    In 2008 we formed Center for recycling of waste oil emulsions and oily wastes within FAM 21. Maj factory in Rakovica, where our MID-MIX® plant is installed today.

  • 2010

    Facility reconstruction

    During 2009 and 2010 we significantly expanded and reconstructed the original facility when we converted from batch to continuous production process, thereby simultaneously increasing the capacity of production to 2500 t/year.

The Future

We are currently in the final phase of obtaining the IPPC permit, as well as the addition of increased capacities for collection, storage, and treatment to our existing integral permit. In the last decade, year by year, we have developed and improved our quality of work, both in the sense of technical and technological improvement as well as the quality and training of our personnel.

In order of further development and implementation of new technologies in the field of industrial waste treatment and its final disposal, all in accordance with highest world standards and EU directives, we are planning to relocate from the current location and build a new, state of the art treatment plant.

This will allow us to further increase the capacity of storage and treatment, as well as to implement the optimal system of waste management with a sole purpose of reducing the impact on the environment and converting waste into a resource in order to completely satisfy all the principles of circular economy.