mid mix tar

About MID-MIX®

MID-MIX® technological process is accepted and patented in the countries of EU, where it’s classified as a BATNEEC technology – they represent the best available technologies that do not entail excessive costs and do not pollute the environment. The only end products of the process are, non-hazardous inert powder – Neutral, and water vapor which is released into the atmosphere after purification.

By using MID-MIX® technology we are able to treat different kinds of solid, liquid, pasty and sludgy waste that contains heavy metals, organic compounds or possesses any other environmentally hazardous property.  Some of these wastes are:

  • Waste oils, emulsions, and oily wastes
  • Sludges from industrial processes and WWTPs
  • Contaminated soil
  • Various organic and inorganic industrial wastes
  • Refinery waste
  • Waste asbestos
  • Filter dust from metallurgical processes
  • Waste cationic and anionic catalysts
  • Laboratory waste
  • Tars, etc.

MID-MIX® is a physicochemical process of solidification in which waste molecules react with calcium-based process additives, thus obtaining a new product, solid inert powder – Neutral. Solidification is a term used in a wide range of processes that change the physicochemical properties of materials. In our case, the goal of solidification is stabilisation and inertisation of waste, ie. its transformation in such a form in which its constituents are immobilised so as not to leach out in the environment. MID-MIX® is characterised by:

  • Intensive contact of waste with process additives
  • Exothermic process reaction with the evaporation of water
  • Dissociation of waste on a molecular level
  • Vacuum-gas encapsulation of waste particles
  • Solidification and inertisation of the total quantity of waste
  • The absence of wastewaters and harmful gases

MID-MIX®plant is universal and is able to treat various types of industrial waste.

Its main features are:

  • Modular construction; the size of every element of the plant is designed in accordance with the required capacity
  • Flexibility and compactness; possibility of plant installation at the waste generator’s location
  • Without any negative impacts on health and the environment
  • Return of investment in a very short time span
  • End product -Neutral, presents a material which has new reuse value

MID-MIX®plants are currently located at the following locations:

Belgrade, Serbia

Treatment of various types of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste.

Wilp, Netherlands

Treatment of industrial and municipal WWTP sludges

Koprivnica, Croatia

Treatment of waste sludges generated at industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

According to EU categorisation of waste, Neutral is a non-hazardous and inert material which has reuse value.

Neutral is a powdery material with white-gray to gray-brown color, and has the following properties:

  • Hydraulic conductivity: 2,0 .10-7>K > 1,1 . 10-7 cm/s (which basically means it’s a hydrophobic material)
  • Specific density: 0,73 – 0,96 g/cm3
  • The water content of less than 10%

Neutral floats on water, does not react and does not mix with it.

The use of Neutral

Neutral as a final product has new reuse value. For several years now it is used as an alternative raw material in the production of raw meal in cement factories.