global tgvs landfill

TGVS - Total Garbage Valorisation System

Comprehensive system for valorisation of municipal waste

Due to a generation of increasing quantities of waste, there is a growing need for new landfills. Landfilling of municipal waste presents the least desirable choice in the waste management hierarchy. The increasing number of „wild“ landfills presents a serious danger to the environment. EU Directive 1999/31/EC requires that all waste must be treated before landfilling, ie. forbids the landfilling of untreated waste.

The goal of TGVS technology is the maximum utilisation of municipal solid waste:

  • Its separation at entry
  • Processing of suitable fraction in such fashion that it can be used as SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel)
  • Waste glass, paper, plastics, and metals gain new reuse value by recycling
  • The minimal amount of inert residue is returned to landfill
  • High calorific value: >17 MJ/kg
  • Uniform size: Granulation 40-50 mm
  • Relative humidity: <20%
  • Completely in accordance with EU15359 standard
  • SRF is ideally suited for energy revalorisation by combustion and co-combustion

As an alternative fuel with high calorific value and low relative humidity, it is suitable for use in all plants that use solid fuel as an energy source (power plants, cement factories, paper mills…). SRF substitutes classic fuel roughly in a ratio of 2:1.