tsvs sludge

TSVS - Total Sludge Valorisation System

Valorisation of municipal and industrial sludges

Final products of wastewater treatment plants – WWTP, are clean water and waste sludge. In the majority of cases, these sludges fall into a group of non-hazardous/non-inert wastes with a code number of 19 08 05, and exactly that non-inertness is one of the reasons why their disposal on landfills is prohibited. Sludge, as such, presents an ecologically problematic material that must undergo some sort of treatment before its final disposal.

Sludges cannot be landfilled for multiple reasons:

  • DOC (Dissolved Organic Carbon), as well as TOC (Total Organic Carbon) are multiple times higher than maximum allowed values
  • With layering of waste on landfills, under influence of weight, leachates start to emerge
  • The content of organic matter is such that hazardous gases and malodor start to form

Other technical problems of landfilling:

  • Potential contamination of soil and air
  • The permanent devastation of the land

MID-MIX® technology is perfectly adapted for a treatment of waste generated after wastewater treatment (sewage sludges, bio-solid matter, leachate concentrates etc.). It’s characterized by the fast and permanent transformation of sludges into a new material with reuse value. The process occurs under controlled conditions, without negative impacts on human health and the environment. It processes 100% of sludge into a new material in which all of the hazardous components have been immobilized so as not to pollute the environment. The final product is solid inert powder – Neutral.

  • Low investment costs
  • Low treatment costs
  • No harmful emissions in the environment
  • Potential further use of Neutral
  • Completely satisfies all the principles of the circular economy
  • Modular: Construction in accordance with the required capacity
  • Compact: Small spatial requirements allow the plant to be directly connected to the outlet manifold of WWT plant
scheme plant mid mix